Tinnitus Sanctus by Edguy

Edguy Tinnitus Sanctus

01. Ministry of Saints
02. Sex Fire Religion
03. The Pride of Creation
04. Nine Lives
05. Wake Up Dreaming Black
06. Dragonfly
07. Thorn Without A Rose
08. 9-2-9
09. Speedhoven
10. Dead or Rock
11. Aren't You A Little Pervert Too?!

Release date : January 2009

Reviewed by Mark Fisher


Background information


Background information

In early May 2008, Edguy entered Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany to begin recording an eighth studio full length album. Sascha Paeth was recruited to handle production, mixing and mastering duties, and a November issue date was slated. In late June, the album's title was revealed to be Tinnitus Sanctus.

In Belgrade, Serbia, a music video was filmed in support of “Ministry of Saints”. During mid September, it was disclosed that Edguy extended their contract with Nuclear Blast Records so that it included three additional albums. Designed by Thomas Ewerhard, Tinnitus Sanctus' cover artwork was unveiled soon after. Later in the month, the album's track listing was revealed. Photographs taken during “Ministry of Saints”' video shoot surfaced in early October, the video itself materializing a month later. During mid October, an e-card was issued in support of the full length. The same month witnessed Edguy undertaking three headlining North American concerts, and eleven concerts as the support for Kamelot. Tinnitus Sanctus' European issue propelled the album to number nineteen upon the German chart, and number fifty upon the Austrian chart. In January 2009, Edguy performed live dates in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Armed with bonus cut “Aren’t You a Little Pervert Too?!”, Tinnitus Sanctus' North American issue was pencilled in for late January.


Not many outfits can boast nearly the same lineup as they did when the prime musicians were in their mid teens, yet Edguy can. Upon critiquing eight full length Tinnitus Sanctus, the rewards are blatantly evident. From Iron Maiden and Helloween worshippers, Edguy has evolved into one of the premiere Metal groups amongst their generation. As both musicians and songwriters, Edguy's growth has rarely been more audible than it is upon Tinnitus Sanctus. Admittedly, though, the record takes quite some time to properly absorb.

Following the fun as hell Superheroes (2005) EP and the equally noteworthy Rocket Ride (2006), this reviewer had come to the conclusion that Edguy had entered a fresh, enlightened era, an era that ventures in the colossal footsteps of the mighty Helloween. Edguy's 2008 opus disputes that sentiment wholeheartedly, however. An accessible, strikingly mature full length, Tinnitus Sanctus, initially, seems devoid of Helloween's Pop culture sensibilities. Rocket Ride is brimfully laced with bombastic, wild anthems, and Tinnitus Sanctus bears the same anthemic qualities. Upon this occasion, however, it's heavily supported by well crafted tracks which remain with the listener long after the album's conclusion.

Tinnitus Sanctus boasts countless highlights. Upon an initial listen, none prove striking. Over the course of several listens, however, Tinnitus Sanctus has become a staple in this reviewer's revolving door of music. Such standout cuts, the powerful “Dragonfly” and “9-2-9” both collectively wield hefty choruses, and are both steeped within a Classic Hard Rock demeanour. While not as quick or epic in nature as some of Edguy's past material, both are generally much more memorable. In addition, “Sex Fire Religion”'s ballsy, edgier sound is a highlight. Boasting an almost Stoner Rock vibe, this ambience perfectly compliments the track's near Voodoo laden lyrics. Inaugural track “Ministry of Saints” and “Nine Lives” carry a similar vibe to Edguy's hit “Superheroes”, though fall shy of the number's over the top nature.

Tinnitus Sanctus' swansong cuts are additionally noteworthy. Similar in nature to Edguy's initial works, the operatic, speedily delivered “Speedhoven” seems as though it could possibly be an early Avantasia (vocalist Tobias Sammett's side project) leftover. “Dead or Rock” exhibits the laugh out loud nature which made Superheroes memorable, whilst bonus composition “Aren’t You a Little Pervert Too?!” is a lame attempt to compose a Bluegrass number. Furthermore, the number is coupled with some of the most easily tongue in cheek (one can hope) lyrics Edguy has ever authored.

Generally speaking, Edguy has largely come into their own in penning Tinnitus Sanctus. Albeit not the group's magnum opus, the full length is nonetheless the outfit's best crafted album to date. The prankster demeanour evident within Edguy's latter day material is missed, though it's great to hear the act in such prime form. In terms of albums you need to purchase during 2009, Tinnitus Sanctus irrefutably makes this reviewer's short list.