The Dream by In This Moment

In This Moment The Dream

01. The Rabbit Hole
02. Forever
03. All For You
04. Lost At Sea
05. Mechanical Love
06. Her Kiss
07. Into the Light
08. You Always Believed
09. The Great Divide
10. Violet Skies
11. The Dream

Release date : September 2008

Reviewed by Mark Fisher


Background information


Background information

Via March 2007 Century Media debut Beautiful Tragedy, In This Moment burst onto Metal's scene. Led by the beauty and power of vocalist Maria Brink, the group were poised to be the next major outfit. The word “were” is an appropriate one to use; as a Metal group, In This Moment's progress may be temporarily halted by sophomore album The Dream. Demo sessions began in January 2008 whilst the group were still touring, and eighteen compositions were whittled down to twelve. Additionally, several new cuts were penned during recording sessions. In May, it had been announced that Kevin Churko (noted in the Metal community as the producer of 2007 Ozzy Osbourne album Black Rain) would be handling production. Recording sessions began on June 1st, and the album was laid down at a recording studio situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. During mid July, the name of In This Moment's sophomore record was unveiled. Five thousand CD booklets were autographed at the request of Hot Topic, and were available to the first individuals who purchased the record. The full length documents a globe where individuals cannot be held back, but more specifically where dreams can translate into reality. Furthermore, the album stresses that the pursuit of one's dreams is a path all should follow.

In late July, a snippet of inaugural single “Forever” was available for streaming via In This Moment's official MySpace page. Directed by MyGoodEye's David Brodsky (whose directing credits boast music videos for the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, and Opiate For the Masses) in Los Angeles, California, a music video was filmed in support of “Forever” over the course of two days. A video teaser surfaced during early September, followed by the video itself roughly a fortnight later.

A host of dates figured amongst In This Moment's live itinerary, such as; Altamont, New York's Edge Fest at Altamont Fairgrounds on July 27th, Austin, Texas' Red 7 on August 7th alongside DevilDriver, Houston, Texas' The Meridian on the 8th (also featuring DevilDriver), and 2008's Ozzfest on the 9th in Dallas, Texas. An appearance at WJXQ Radio's Q Fest in Jackson, Michigan on the 16th aside, two Idaho performances occurred within both Post Falls, and Nampa. Those gigs happened to be a Rock Hard appearance at Greyhound Park Ampitheatre on the 22nd, and a KQXR Radio's X Fest appearance at Idaho Center Ampitheater on the 24th.


In truth, the album features extremely minute Metal ingredients. Quite immediately, The Dream settles in favour of familiar radio friendly Hard Rock. Admirers of Beautiful Tragedy will be caught off guard somewhat. In light of the fact that it takes several listens to sufficiently appreciate though, those admirers should hold hope in The Dream. Loosely, the oddity of Alice In Wonderland forms the thematic basis of The Dream. Whether this holds weight or happens to be mere conjecture, it's difficult to confirm. Within minutes, the novel bursts into your mind upon approaching The Dream's cover artwork, composition titles, and lyrical content. From the very beginning, “Forever” dictates The Dream's general quality, and this continues via “Her Kiss” until the record's psychedelic conclusion in “The Dream”. Upon their individual feet, each respective cut firmly stands. Whilst no track is strikingly distinct, none segue into one another at any specific juncture.

Critiqued against Beautiful Tragedy, The Dream is particularly more diverse. Only select cuts feature screams courtesy of Brink, most notably the tune “Violet Skies”. A fuzz-laden guitar steers the track's initial moments, and then the number transpires into an uptempo anthem comparable to material upon In This Moment's debut. Driven via a lone piano, and supported by a symphony, “Into the Light” marks The Dream's further diversification. The song's lyrical fabric concerns an individual's struggle with the passing of a loved one, and that individual's subsequent longing for hope in that struggle. In light of the fact that In This Moment has built its reputation upon both aggression, and screaming vocals, the recording of the beautiful and eloquent “Into The Light” was quite a brave choice. Brink's soaring vocals prove especially terrific, evidence that the singer happens to be far from vocally limited. Prior to the moments they laid down each respective track, In This Moment felt no particular allegiance towards past stylings. Generally speaking, The Dream can likely be deemed the greatest gamble taken within the last several years (leading up to 2008).

In This Moment had steadily built a keen fanbase, and its contingent anxiously awaited material musically similar to Beautiful Tragedy. Within The Dream, the group supplies weightier material. Albeit more commercially oriented, the album boasts much more lyrical intimacy, not to mention both diversity and dynamism. Initially, this reviewer largely disliked The Dream. Over the course of several airings however, the full length has undergone a warmer reception. Before arrinving at an eventual opinion, lend yourself sufficient time to do so.