Bullet In Your Head by Made of Hate

Made of Hate Bullet In Your Head

01. Bullet In Your Head
02. An Eye For An Eye
03. On The Edge
04. My Last Breath
05. Mirror Of Sins
06. Hidden
07. Judgement
08. Deadend
09. Fallout

Release date : February 2008

Reviewed by Eric Stephens


Background information


Background information

Initially known under the moniker Archeon, Made of Hate was formed during the spring / summer of 2001 in Warsaw, Poland. The brainchild of lead guitarist Michal Kostrzynski and rhythm guitarist Michal Tomaszewski, both erstwhile members of a Black Metal outfit, Janek Lesniak accepted an invitation to join the ranks as keyboardist. A lengthy period of time passed until someone stepped behind the drumkit, although Tomasz Grochowski eventually assumed that very position. The search to locate a bassist was conducted over a period of months, unearthing Andrzej Sadrakula. However, gaining the services of a vocalist proved more difficult. Several Metal fanatics auditioned, but such unions were briefly lived. Kostrzynski opted to supply vocals, and the group played several Polish supporting concerts following that. Cut at Hertz Studio in the summer of 2002, inaugural single “Dead World” was lent production duties courtesy of both Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawscy. Sadrakula and Tomaszewski vacated their positions, and were replaced by Grzegorz Jezierski and Radek Pólrolniczek respectively by the time that January 2003 arrived. Two months later, Made of Hate occupied the supporting slot on a Polish tour. In January 2004, Made of Hate cut material at Poland's Studio-X. Recorded in support of inaugural full length End of the Weakness, Szymon Czech was at the production helm. Jarek Kajszaczak replaced Jezierski during May, and the group conducted several more concerts across Poland. Featured on VIVA Polska TV via the programme Hell's Kitchen, fragments of the group's material were audible, and an interview with mainman Kostrzynski also figured. In September 2004, Lesniak bid farewell to both the group and Metal music. In June 2005, End of the Weakness was issued via Empire Records. On March 4th 2006 at Spodek in Katowice, Poland, the group played the side stage at Metalmania Festival's twentieth edition.

To abruptly press the fast forward button, the group inked a record contract with AFM Records during October 2007 under the name Made of Hate. Issued on November 30th, the AFM CD / DVD compilation All For Metal boasted the hitherto unreleased track “Bullet In Your Head”. Back in January 2007, the group cut an album's worth of material at Zed Studio within the space of seven days (from the 6th to the 12th to be specific). As can be surmised, an individual that goes by the name of Tomasz “Zed” Zalewski handled production, mixing and mastering. Armed with a deal in tow, Bullet In Your Head was eventually pencilled in for a February 2008 release.


When catching wind of the name Made of Hate, one might arrive at the assumption that the group merely comprises yet another Hardcore act. However, names can be cunningly deceptive. An indignant demeanour streams throughout the music itself, although that chosen approach dwells within an overtly progressive habitat. Kostrzynski merits special attention, an abundantly gifted lead guitarist and vocalist destined to garner hefty acclaim as a consequential result of dynamically compelling work amongst the fretboard. A relatively young ensemble, a fiery passion defines their musical abilities. Within the realms of the native Polish media, the group accrued much praise. Over the course of several years, the lineup has undergone numerous changes.

Within the title cut's opening seconds, frantic chops immediately outline themselves. Midway into the track, a spontaneous breakdown lends Kajszezak the spotlight. “Mirror of Sins” consciously shifts that focus towards Grochowski, whose drum volume reaches higher levels. Such decisions illustrate the fact that Made of Hate's musical style doesn't merely showcase the strengths of one instrument at its epicentre, but revolves around a watertight unit. Guitars continually wail from the title song's opening chords to the final track's concluding moments though, and it's quite difficult to wholly detract the listener's attention span away from such attractions. Critics state that Made of Hate bear resemblances to both Children of Bodom and In Flames, and each respective song boasts roughly the same quality. If requested to identify one specific composition, “Judgement” firmly ventures within In Flames' domain. If the option to apply additional lead guitar work to each of the tracks was chosen, then the group would be transformed into an aggressive variant of DragonForce. Indeed, Kostrzynski's technical abilities are that distinguished. As “Deadend” draws to a close, Kostrzynski executes a solo drenched in the Classic Metal vein. Kostrzynski is a remarkably gifted musician, so it's quite easy to become engrossed within the music itself, and neglect to remember the fact that the frontman additionally supplies vocals. Harbouring an aggressive demeanour, he opts in favour of growling the penned lyrics throughout the occasionally brief vocal passages. When an accomplished guitarist figures amongst the ranks, self-indulgence is an imminent hazard. To successfully combat that potential danger, the use of a proficient rhythm musician is necessary. All in all, Polrolniczak competently fulfils this vacancy requirement. Polrolniczak pairs heavier rhythm chords against Kostrzynski's flamboyant riffs, and exceptionally accomplishes that customary duty. A cordial battle even wages, the fruits of which can be heard via the title track.

Made of Hate wields both aggression and melody, and carries a maturity that exceeds their tender age. Paying significant attention to detail, Made of Hate seemingly draws immense joy from cutting material. Nurturing a desire to craft a North American profile, the group should encounter scarce obstacles in doing so for those aforementioned reasons. Across the length and breadth of the globe, numerous guitarists possess both gift and talent. However, few can master those strings in quite the exact intense, aggressive demeanour. Bullet In Your Head flirts very closely towards both Progressive Metal, and Thrash music. If you're a fervent admirer of material composed by skilful musicians, this full length is without doubt a recommended purchase.